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Easter dinner in Palmilla

Here's the menu of last week's dinner we catered in Palmilla Estates, Los Cabos.

Botanas, Snacks: coconut shark ceviche;

sesame breaded chicken fingers with saffron aioli and tamarind sauce
Appetizer: grilled local baby octopus with lavander cauliflower puree and warm pork belly vinaigrette

Salad: shaved asparagus, tender green fava beans, mixed tender lettuces,aged sheep's cheese, citronette
First course: gnocchi with artisanal ricotta, prosciutto, arugula and oven roasted tomatoes
Second course: loin of yellowtail(hamachi) with chickpeas and spinach stew

Dessert:individual coconut custard tarts.
As always, recipes to follow.....