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Surf fishing Cabo with @SoCalSalty & @CaboSurfCaster

Here's the proof that social medias are more than just a way to exchange gossip and bits of news and frivolous information.
Over the past few months I've been active on Twitter I' ve got to know a lot of interesting people involved in cooking and fishing.
In a few cases these "virtual friendships" blossomed into actual ones .
@SoCalSalty and i started planning this surf fishing outing a couple months ago and even though we thought of a lots of things, we did not take into consideration this ginormous new moon that, sure as hell, messed fishing up in a major way.
The following link is to the first installment of a series of short videos that Joe ( @SoCalSalty ) shot during these last few days, on the quest for nasty, angry and toothy CUBERA snappers, jack crevalle and the ghost of the surf itself...the mighty roosterfish!
Guiding us was Cabo born Wesley Brough ( @CaboSurfCaster ) who was featured in Dave Maynard's award winning "Fishing the Baja" network show
Here's the first clip:


Enjoy the adventures and disadventures of these jollly anglers and stick around for more.


  1. Great to meet you and Lupita! Anglers share a special brotherhood and you've been a great host here in SJDC. Buena suerte in fishing and life my friend. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Likewise "brah"! HAHAHA! Hi to Aimée.