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FUNDADORES in P.to Los Cabos (Matt's Sabbath Week)

Easter dinner in Palmilla
Botanas, Snacks: coconut shark ceviche; sesame breaded chicken fingers with saffron aioli and tamarind sauce
Appetizer: grilled local baby octopus with lavander cauliflower puree and warm pork belly vinaigrette
Salad: shaved asparagus, tender green fava beans, mixed tender lettuces,aged sheep's cheese, citronette
First course: gnocchi with artisanal ricotta, prosciutto, arugula and oven roasted tomatoes
Second course: loin of yellowtail(hamachi) with chickpeas and spinach stew
Dessert:individual coconut custard tarts.

iCook : the dawn of a new project

March 2

Susannah´s BDay dinner


Jan 18 
                                                K's dinner

Sicilian style roasted red peppers "involtini" with aged sheep cheese stuffing
Fried eggplant, marinated goat's cheese and garden greens salad + glazed grape tomatoes and 25 yeras Balsamic
Risotto with prawns, basil, tomato concassee and Mascarpone
Pork tenderloin with prunes and Tempranillo sauce;side mashe roasted purple sweet potatoes
Pan seared MKT fish loin with beet, fennel and orange
Chocolate and orange "lava" cakes with orange custard, or. texture, caramelized or. peel and or. caramel (did I mention orange? )
Lemon crepes roll


Jan 12
Roasted garden vegetables with Parmigiano and aged Balsamic
Homemade Orecchiette w/ pork, peas & porcini mushrooms ragu
Lavender pork chops w/wilted chard, black kale  & fried cherry tomatoes
Orange & ricotta pie w/orange texture

Jan 09
App: Squash blossom cannelloni with zucchini cream
Salad: Green beans, prosciutto, blue cheese, pepitas, balsamic redux
Meat: pork rack roast with wild mushrooms and asparagus; side mashed sweet potatoes and
winter greens
Fish:    huchinango , pan seared, with  roasted Bruxelles sprouts + spiced squash
Dessert: berry crumble

Jan 13/14/15:                                                                 Tasting menu

 grilled eggplant antipasto with raisins, nuts, herbs and balsamic reduction
  Stewed octopus w/ potatoes
  Sicilian style roasted sweet peppers& sheep cheese rools
  Beef tongue & white beans salad


 watermelon, tender fava beans, feta and arugula with watermelon vinaigrette
 Fennel and orange salad with cranberries and almonds
  Heirloom tomatoes, peaches, purple onion salad with dry ricotta and toasted pumpkin seeds

Pasta/risotto :
  spinach and ham rotolo wit bechamelle & sage butter
  Gnocchi with rabbit ragout
  Risotto with shrimp, basil,fresh  tomato

braised oxtail(boned) w/basil mashed potatoes
 Pork tenderloin with red wine/plum sauce and smashed roasted sweet potatoes Roasted quail w/prosciutto, Bruxelles sprouts, greens and Figs gastrique

Fish depending on market asvailability
Dessert depending on market availability
Cook and the Fly
Here's yesterday little "golf break" lunch: roasted beet,goat cheese ,citrus,spicy caramelized almonds,greens/braised chicken sweet peppers , boletus (porcini)/olive oil,basil mashed pots/pineapple,coconut pie. Espresso.

Palmilla Estates dinnerfor Mr&Mrs XYZ
This was a good dinner we did two weeks ago:sesame crisp barracuda fingers,Sriracha mayo,saffron aioli/Ginger,coconut snapper ceviche/homemade ricotta,eggplant rolls,fresh tomato sauce,Provolone gratin/Prosciutto,pear,mint,arugula,honey vinaigrette/pumpkin,nougat ravioli,burnt butter,sage/grilled rib eye tagliata,porcini + roasted root vegs,chard/huachinango loin,garlic chips,garlic olive oil,parsley + grilled asparagus/ ginger pear,ganache pie. FUN!
Tuna,yellowtail,Baja shrimp and octopus,shortbreadw'raspberry+choko.... EXITO// YUM!
Dinner for Casa ###:
Oyster mushrooms,shrimp,pimenton sautee,Idiazabal+ grilled polenta/crab ravioli ,zucchini cream,prawns/braised pork shank +barley saffron risotto+orange gremolada/baked octopus,chard,cherry tomatoes,new potatoes/lemon "Tiramisu'"