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Porchetta! [porˈketta]

What represents a summer county party better than a shiny, juicy and fragrant porchetta being sliced hot from the oven or spit in a small Italian village square?

How can you resist that smile....

Here's Wikipedia's description :


and here's mine:

First, you need the perfect pig.... I personally like 30 to 40 pounds animal, because it's a lot of work to completely de bone it, as you can see in the
videos that follow.



Then you need to get ALL the scrap meat, the legs meat, the liver, handfuls of garlic, fennel seeds, salt and pepper and BUSHES, forests of rosemary and stuff the baby, tie it up and rub it with more herbs and olive oil...with care and tender love.
All this hard work will pay you back four hours later, when straight out of the oven you'll have earned the rights to the little caramelized nuggets of meat sticking out of the roast... heaven!

No need to get fancy here, that would be against the peasant nature of this venerable preparation...some good crusty bread or piadina ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piadina ) and some rustic red wine..easy, that's all you need for a great time with your friends and family and the rest of town on a summer Sunday....

A little side note:  this is a great opportunity to take a look at how organs, like lungs, work....


Have fun!

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