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Vegetarian appies at Green Cabo...and eco/green festival in Cabo San Lucas

That was a quite interesting setting for an  organic and green living festival:  an unfinished parking garage in a convention center inside a quite polluted (and polluting...) marina, next to a dolphin "concentration camp". 
But, hey! who am I to judge? Better stop before I bruise some overinflated ego.
Happily decided to be present with a little stand ...the only caveat was : only vegetarian food. Quite a surprise and a challenge for yours truly who "likes his vegetables with the peel on and his animals whole" LOL.

This is what we agreed on : 

* Roasted garlic, toasted almonds,honey,cranberries, chickpeas pate'/marinated cherry tomato/ multi grain sourdough

*Seared farmers' queso fresco/mango chutney/baked plantain

*Smokey eggplant caviar/dill + garlic yogurt/capsicum + fennel coulis/sprouted seeds + coconut+corn blini

 presented as a trio of amuse gueules an a cute leaf shape white plate.

Here's a few pics that my new friend Alejandra, a very talented Argentinian artist from La Paz   (http://www.alejandramorante.com ), took for me, since there were no pics whatsoever taken by the event staff and/or organizers.

Overall, despite the poor organization, planning and advertising of the event , it did not go bad...not stellar, but not bad either.

I met some interesting people, 
some definitively peculiar persons and made a few new friends.

Since the whole vegetarian theme was quite of an unsuspected challenge I did not follow any recipe and went instead by pure inspiration, instinct and taste and I haven't organized my cooking and tasting notes yet.

I will post recipes of the dishes as soon as possible.

For now, 

Ciao from Los Cabos,

Emilio  : )

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