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In this blog you'll find Mexiterranean food pictures and recipes, fishing stories, random thoughts and snippets of my new life in Southern Baja.


So, what happened? Where did Emilio go? Is he still alive and well in the Baja desert?
The answer is YES, still here, still longing my green woods and the Pacific rain forest.  : )
Of all the summers and the low seasons, this past one has been the slowest.
Basically business has been flat lining for the past few months and gave me a great opportunity to work on new projects, ideas, recipes for the oncoming season and...lots of fishing and archery training.
I also discovered and picked up a new obsession, the atlatl.
I will start posting regularly again next week and I'll try and get some half decent pics of my archery and atlatl passion.
For the moment it's everything kids!

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