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A true delicacy, tipically Mexican, is the machito which translates into "little male".

The name itself should tip you out about the origin of this dish.

Machito is made of the reproductive organs of the male animal, in this particular case kid goat (cabrito) encased in its fat and wrapped with the tripes.

First they're blenched gently with a whole bunch of aromatics

and, once chilled, roasted on the grill

Placed on a tortilla, slathered in salsa and wrapped up in a taco.


  1. Hi. I just wanted to make a comment on the way machitos are prepared. They are not made with the reproductive organs of the kid, but with chopped liver, lungs, heart, and other fatty parts of the animal.

  2. was gonna say....id never heard of that in there... now the liver,kidneys,heart,spleen etc...sure...